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​East Asia Security Outlook (EASO) Seminar  

3rd EAS Outlook Seminar.jpg 

Group Photo of all invited speakers for 1st EASO Seminar with Former Director of SHHBIDSS, Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Hamzah bin Haji Sulaiman, held on 29 January 2009 

As the premier think tank in Brunei Darussalam that looks into defence and security issues, SHHBIDSS has hosted several in-house activities such as conferences and seminars in efforts to facilitate a culture of research in MINDEF and RBAF. The East Asia Security Outlook (EASO) Seminar, in particular, is the most anticipated annual seminar in the Ministry as it holds the platform for a transparent and thorough discussion, given its Track II nature, among local defence and security officials at the national level. 


One of the sessions with Dr Alfred Oehlers, Professor at DKI-APCSS, Hawaii, US, and Dr Renato De Castro, Professor at De Salle University, Manila Philippines moderated by Former Assistant Director of SHHBIDSS, Mrs Ampuan Yura Kasumawati at the12th EASO Seminar held on 27 November 2019

11th EASO Audience.JPGEASO (Nov 2018).JPG

Left Pic: Participants listening to one of the sessions at 11th EASO Seminar held on 14 November 2018

Right Pic: Participant asking question during Q&A session at 11th EASO Seminar held on 14 November 2018

For this seminar, speakers from renowned research and policy institutions including government offices are invited to share their perspectives and insights on their research expertise. The topics discussed include the current trends and the outlook within East Asia's region, as well as the impact of the evolving regional security environment to Brunei Darussalam and ASEAN.