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SHHBIDSS’ Sharing Sessions

Sharing Session is a monthly activity conducted by the institute and has been continuously practiced since 2018. This session also invites research officers from various directorates under the ambit of MINDEF to openly discuss specific topics or issues of the month presented by the research officer in SHHBIDSS.

Sharing Session March.jpegSS (June).jpeg

During one of the sharing sessions hosted by SHHBIDSS inviting other directorates within MINDEF and RBAF in 2021

This activity is designed and conducted to provide:

  1. A platform for SHHBIDSS's stakeholders in MINDEF and RBAF to gain and enhance their knowledge on specific issues as well as to get a better appreciation of their implications to the RBAF, MINDEF, Brunei Darussalam and the region.
  2. A source of information for in-house research analysts to keep updated and gain different perspectives on the existing and emerging security challenges and concerns.
  3. An avenue that allows research officers to think ahead and anticipate security challenges, as well as, to explore new ideas and recommendations which would be relevant and timely for the defence and security sector.